Please Laugh With Me*

*Warning-The following content though honest may at times sound absurdly self important. Adding of salt grains might be needed.

‘Tis true, I fall over, and it is an observable fact that seeing me put on my shoes or pick up a small object can be like watching a Stooge (or three), but please accept that this is more of a comedy then a tragedy and do not let your brow furrow, just laugh with me instead.

Glimpse through my eyes for a few ticks of the clock and you will see how very lucky I am. What I see is a world wherein everyone is dealing with trials and troubles, often ones much greater then mine, what I fail to see is why I should not bear mine with ease. What I see is that everything I experience is a chance to enhance my capacity for empathy and for understanding . What I don’t see is why I should be exempt from knowing pain when someone else is not.
And what I see, and thank my lucky stars for, is that I live in circumstances which, and around people who, make it possible for me to continue to live this life– I see this everyday and in so many ways. I see that this should be a world wherein everyone can say the same, though too many live in conditions in which someone like me would not make it through the day. I see that I would truly suffer, like the many who do everyday, if I had to walk for miles to a well to get water, had to run for my life in a war, fight for my survival in a refugee camp or scavenge through garbage dumps for food. So there, I’m a barrel of laughs…Ok I admit that maybe there are times when it preferable not to laugh at me, but they are few and far between.

It is also true that at times I have felt blue (ooh I rhymed!), and times I have hidden myself away, but this is mainly because I find it hard to tolerate knowing that I have caused anyone any sadness, worry or heartbreak. So laugh at me instead and I can share a laugh along with you.

Remember not to ever mistake my life as a sad tale, ’cause if you know me at all, then you know that what I truly want is to bring joy to as many of you as I can, and you also know my biggest fear is that I will fail to do so. And so I ask you to be truly happy and help others to be so too, and in turn I promise you I will do the same…that is while laughing of course!


18 thoughts on “Please Laugh With Me*

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  2. Don Tempesta says:

    If ever will I laugh it would never be at you, but certainly with you.
    You are such a special person. Many have I met in my chosen though as yet unsuccessful film life. I choose life over career because in all things life is more meaningful. Though we don’t know each other extremely well; I know enough about you that I see you as special. On the set of Frank The Bastard, I got to experience your kindness for people. Never were you in the least pretentious. It can be rare in the biz.
    As your heart goes out to others, rest assured ours go out to you.
    We will all experience obstacles in life; I believe at times it is equally painful to see someone you love suffering or for that matter saddened by the woes of life. I understand our film will be out soon . Looking forward to seeing my friend Rachel in all her glory. I wish many blessings to come your way.
    I will never laugh at you only with you.
    All my love.
    Don Tempesta

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  3. Well written and said by an very old soul in a world where selfishness is a norm for everyone that walks or breaths in today’s society. Imagine a world where everyone in it helped to solve the problems in a world that is so torn in every which way but loose. I try to show kindness instead of hate, I look forward to the day when no one goes hungry or sick because of a piece of paper that is valued more than a human life. My heart aches at the thought,but knowing the fact we walk in a world where people today first figure out what they can take from you,then how they can help you. So keep up the positive word’s and thought’s that you produce, It help’s out in a world who needs more people that think like you do, and not the normal everyday thinking that’s happening in today’s Society. So chin up keep on marching to your own drum that makes your life worth living to yourself that way it can inspire people to keep on living their life and inspiring the people around them.


  4. Denise Smith says:

    you are truly a wonderful actor and a wonderful person! good luck with the fight, and GOD bless you on your daily path! you are in our prayers.

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  5. ( continued from my tweet ) it may sound selfish but this post has made me extremely happy. i tend to worry, well, not necessarily /worry/ but feel upset knowing you might be upset or frustrated with things such as falling over. i suppose that this post has, in a sense, comforted me. you are such a huge inspiration to me and whenever i feel like giving up with anything i just imagine how much hope you have and all of the good you put into peoples lives. it really just kills me to imagine you upset so this post has made me extremely happy. and i, like many others, wish for nothing more than to be able to meet you and personally thank you for giving me so much positivity. maybe one day.


  6. Thomas S. Trias says:

    You have a fantastic sense of perspective in the face of adversity, which sometimes feels lacking these days. My brother is a veteran who served three tours of duty in Iraq, and he tends to look at the daily trials and tribulations of his post-military-service days as being significantly better than being shot at or having to shoot at other people. He went to college after his stint in the Army was over, and found that the perspectives of most of his classmates were skewed heavily towards narcissim.

    A couple of years ago I went through a series of personal tragedies that were so overwhelming that there was nothing else to do but keep on keeping on and look forward with optimism that things would get better; this was not heretofore my usual reaction to even small crises, but the confluence of events was so great that I popped through the other side and actually found it easier to cope in the face of such absurd circumstances – not that any single event was ridiculous, but that taken as a whole, they pushed me so far outside my comfort zone that I couldn’t even find it anymore.

    Thank you for your wonderful, encouraging words, and I wish you a life filled with love and laughter.


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