“My” Political candidate is not a perfect human being nor is “yours”. I am not entirely correct in all my conclusions, nor are you.

And no political party has ownership over what it means to be human, to have empathy, care for each other, to spread love & kindness, to be responsible toward all of humanity.

As we enter this general election in America I feel it is of so much importance to make these points, because it is so important to never loose site of our love for and obligation to each other, and the futures of ALL our children.

I have my political opinions as do you, but all I ask of and for each of you is that you truly spend the time and take the energy to calculate to the best of your ability what you can do, whom you can support to make this world as kind, inclusive, loving, sustainable and promising for our children and their children.

Also LOVE each other and spread joy, because we are all better able to see clearly when we are happy and surrounded by friends not isolated, angry, and scared. If we only lift each other up and let none of our friends, our fellow humans fall into hatred, fear or despair this world will certainly be a more beautiful place.


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