What Is A Gift?

So I am called sick, and disabled, and for many I might be considered one of the unlucky.

’Tis true of late I find it difficult to do most of the physical things we often take for granted.
Yet, I also consider myself to be one of the very lucky few. I am fed, sheltered, and cared for. In my lifetime I have not seen my home, my family, my loved ones ravaged by war. And most crucially, I still have the ability to love others, and to receive love. Yes, I may be confined to a body which often limits, but am not trapped in the much darker illusion that I am alone in this world.

What others might not see, is that my situation has also given me the most tremendous gifts. Daily I have been given the wonderful opportunity to contemplate, to evaluate what is truly of importance to me. Some might see that I was torn away from the life I had known, but on the very bright side I was torn away from the life I had known.

In other words all the indoctrination, the taking for granted that life is arranged as it is because “that is just how life is”, “it is just how reality works” became exposed as untruth when I was given the beautiful opportunity to extract, when I was given some perspective. I think of it like a detoxification- while on a drug life seems one way, but when it is purged from your system you can see things anew.

All self-important philosophizing aside (one of my remaining addictions). My great wish is to share the freedoms afforded me. To pass along this gift- the knowledge that the world does not simply run by a fixed set of rules dictated to us by others, but instead is made anew each day by our own actions, and by the decisions we make each moment.
So let’s make them very good ones, let’s shape this world beautifully, because it is and can be a magnificent place, because life can truly be wonderful for all.


One thought on “What Is A Gift?

  1. aestheticallyluce says:

    It’s funny how we always seem to blog at the same time but on opposite ends. I wish I had the mentality like you, I wish I could see the good and stop focusing on the bad. I know that I can if I just do it, but really I don’t think I want to. Mainly I just believe I’m not meant for this world and don’t belong, that I should have never been born, that I’m just waiting for my life to end and wondering why it’s taking so long. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and decide I’m going to think like you do, but I know I don’t really care to, because first I’d have to care about myself. I don’t.
    I am however glad for your happiness, I do wonder what life is like for you just because I don’t want you to be in pain or struggle, but you make life anything you want and I’m always in awe and proud of that.

    Please stay as you are and be happy and live with all the light in your life. All your help and love is a true gift, but the person you are is an even greater gift. I love everything that you are.


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