Quick Question for you-Important to Me

I wish to (in fact I need to for my own wellbeing) do much much more to help this world. What I always come back to is that real change won’t happen till we each take responsibility for our part by stopping our daily funding of companies who are harming the earth and our fellow human beings. I work hard to research all the companies I purchase from and have found so many beautiful ones that are doing so much good. My important question for you is what is in the way of more of us doing this? I really really want to help to make it easier for everyone to buy from ethical companies. What are the biggest barriers for you? Time? Money? Lack of information? I am hoping to hear from as many of you as possible, and so much appreciate any responses. With love always

xx  Rachel


3 thoughts on “Quick Question for you-Important to Me

  1. Hello, love. Honestly, for me, it’s a combination of time and money AND information. I dont often have time to do the research and sometimes can’t afford the companies that are ethical. Not that it’s probably possible but if there was a place online somewhere that had a list of places that we could use, that would be helpful, too. Maybe we could start a blog that could be updated as we find them?
    Love your sweet soul, by the way.


  2. Lynn Harper says:

    Hi Rachel, this is definitely something that I’m trying to do this year. I think the barriers are all 3 of those things you have mentioned, time, money and lack of information. I’ve started this year by taking the Cruelty Free Pledge as I was disgusted to see how many companies, and especially huge brands, test their products and ingredients on animals. At first I found it really difficult to find suitable replacement products and spent hours looking online and checking various websites for honest and reliable information. It’s definitely something that is worth while doing and I’m so glad for the websites out there that have information. I’d say the first place to start is taking the time to research and ask questions of these companies and speak to like minded people to share information. In turn, I can then share what I’ve found to friends and family who might not be aware. Information is key to making changes. Going Cruelty Free is just the first step for me and I’m interested for you to share your ideas and take insperation from you. Wishing you all the best, Lynn x


  3. Lainey Hook says:

    I think there a few things here – and like Lynn above I think all three of your suggestions are combined. Because of health issues and allergies I have had to spend a lot of time researching products, and adding on some research into sourcing and production was just another step for me; but then I’ve been time-rich especially at times when I’ve been unable to leave my home. The information can usually be found but often needs a bit of digging – so if people don’t have time they are much less likely to find out what they need to know. And then, all too often “the best things in life are free” is way off the mark! There’s a premium on environmentally-sound, ethically-produced products, just as there is on food prepared for those with special dietary requirements. I reflect on a daily basis on my good fortune in being able to buy in this way, and wonder how other people with similar issues but smaller budgets manage. I suppose just due to economics, this premium will be in place as long as ethical concerns and being environmentally aware remain a minority interest.

    I also think there are issues here about role models and the message most often reinforced by the media and popular culture about people who do make these ethical choices. I feel that we are often seen as eccentric or self-indulgent, and made to seem unrealistic. I have to say I fear that the current political climate (certainly here in the UK) isn’t sympathetic to those wishing to take a holistic view of the world at all – and I’m sure it’s the same in the US. That’s not going to stop me buying ethically or being environmentally responsible – but it might make it more difficult to persuade other people to do the same. Ethical and environmental responsibility is another aspect of kindness, isn’t it? And you just have to keep plugging away, being kind.

    I’m not sure that gets to a point! – but there’s my thoughts, for what they’re worth. Lainey x


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