Part 2-Important to Me

Feeling grateful to know so many wonderful people who are involved in worthy causes, non-profits etc, but never been good at asking for help or advice. So 1) know that I am always looking to help & do some good so don’t hesitate to reach out to me 2) I would love to connect with others who are interested in creating a major platform to transfer the money we are donating in the form of our purchases from bad actors to ethical ones – i.e website, apps, advertising dedicated to making ethical shopping choices easily accessible and more affordable for all. This is likely to be a long term project and there will be many times that I am reaching out to people to get involved, but right now I am just doing investigation and reaching out to people who have or know someone with real expertise in the the logistic of setting up of a non-profit from a legal/organizational standpoint and in website design. Feel free to comment, message (or email/call me if you have that info).
Much love always,


2 thoughts on “Part 2-Important to Me

  1. Rachel, could you tap Misha Collins maybe? He probably knows someone who knows someone. Just a thought. I’m behind you but have nothing to offer but love and gratitude and support. If I can ever help, I will totally step up. I love what you’re doing. Big hug.


  2. I wanted to second what was said above. Reach out to Misha, or Jared and Jensen. They all three have non-profits and can probably point you in the right direction. I know Osric has been very active with Random Acts so he’s a potential helper as well. It might even be time to reach out to Creation Stands. I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have your own t-shirt campaign like the Wayward Daughters ones.


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